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Attention à la marche! Mind The Gap!

(edited by Bertrand Gervais & Sophie Marcotte)


Mind the Gap!, the proceedings of the Electronic Literature Organization’s conference held in Montreal in 2018, intends to explicitly question the place of electronic literature in a digital culture. What is the nature of the relationship between the two? How does a form that is already fifty years old manage to remain relevant in a cultural environment strongly marked by digital technology? How does an avant-garde practice developed in the context of book culture succeed in adjusting to the principles of a culture heavily engaged in screens, networks and mobile devices? How can we take into account mobile technologies which are increasingly present in everyday life, understand their impact on writing and reading habits, and investigate the political dimension of digital technology, in its links to art, literature and culture?

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Autobiographies de chercheur·se·s, lecteur·ice·s, scripteur·ice·s

(edited by Bénédicte Shawky-Milcent, Nathalie Brillant Rannou, François Le Goff, Nathalie Lacelle)


Autobiographies de chercheur·se·s, lecteur·ice·s, scripteur·ice·s

(edited by Bénédicte Shawky-Milcent, Nathalie Brillant Rannou, François Le Goff, Nathalie Lacelle)

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At the crossroads of arts and letters, humanities and social sciences, our space dedicated to digital humanities questions the integration of digital technology in research, creation and production of semantic content, its distribution and analysis. 

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Semantic editing, digital creation

Previously publisher at publie.net and creator of semantic ePubs and web[books]-objects, Gwénaël Graindorge is a Master student at the University of Poitiers. His project questions the place of creation in the reading process: or how hypermedia influences the museur, under the direction of Stéphane Bikialo. S/heIel is a publisher at the Explocrapatouilleurs, and a professor at the Master Limés of Poitiers.

Research notebook | Micromegapolis (realization) | Shanghai Nø City Guide (realization) | Revue Amplitudes (realization) | Oùrs project |  Les Explocrapatouilleurs

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Semantic and scientific editing, digital creation

Emmanuelle Lescouet is a doctoral student in French Literature at the Université de Montréal.

Her/his project focuses on reading paths in a digital environment, under the direction of Marcello Vitali-Rosati.

S/he coordinates the project Répertoire des écrivain·e·s numériques.

S/he founded Les Explocrapatouilleurs, of which s/he is the editor and artistic director.

Blog | Thesis Notebook | (Canada Research Chair) Écritures Numériques | Répertoire des écrivain·e·s numériques | Littérature Québécoise Mobile | Les Explocrapatouilleurs Revue Corela


Let's talk a little about Semantic Editing*.


By tagging the meaning as soon as the articles are written, semantic writing allows a more efficient editorialization of the content, and therefore its most faithful graphic transposition. Its use in HTML tagging of the text specifies its meaning (its semantism), and no longer its simple description, working towards a finer interpretation of the textual elements of digital and web publishing; in particular by embedded reading engines.


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