Autobiographies de chercheur·se·s, lecteur·ice·s, scripteur·ice·s


edited by

Bénédicte Shawky-Milcent, Nathalie Brillant Rannou,

François Le Goff, Nathalie Lacelle


In the late 1990s, a generation of literary educators, concerned about the subjectivity of students, began to question the lived experience of readers, experts and apprentices alike. Since the interest in the autobiographies of readers by Pierre Dumayet, Annie François, Agnès Desarthe..., the objective has been to go beyond prescriptive postures in order to identify the processes at play in the reader's relationship to literary texts. This ambition, carried in the first place by Gérard Langlade, Annie Rouxel, Marie-José Fourtanier, Jean-François Massol, does not yield to the demands of literary research. Moreover, it is noteworthy that over the course of decades of commitment to didactics, each of these researchers has been strongly involved in literature: Jean-François Massol is recognized as a specialist in Roger Martin du Gard, Annie Rouxel has worked on Gide, on Oulipo, Marie-José Fourtanier on French-language literatures, and so forth.


But these pioneers in the didactics of literature never forget their goal: to contribute to the renewal of the teaching of French, to unlock sclerotic practices, to challenge the creativity of students and teachers, to defend literature and the arts wherever their transmission would be considered secondary or obsolete.


Thus, the volume that we undertake in an openly friendly tone, is not limited to its function of homage: it attempts to contribute to an ever-increasing knowledge of the workings of reading, writing and the didactics of literature in an empirical approach and the experience of doing so. We propose to contributors who recognize themselves in the work carried out since Grenoble, Toulouse, Rennes, or who have shared part of the path, to take up in their own way, not without pleasure, the protocol of the autobiographies of the reader, the writer, to which we add that of the researcher.


Sylviane Ahr • Claire Augé • Marie Bernanoce-Brulotte • Laurence Bertonnier • Béatrice Bloch • Nathalie Brillant Rannou • Magali Brunel • Micheline Cambron • Jean-Charles Chabanne • Marie-Sylvie Claude • Noël Cordonier • Sylvie Dardaillon • Séverine De Croix • Isabelle De Peretti • Neide Luzia de Rezende • Olivier Dezutter • Micheline Dispy • Jean-Louis Dufays • Jean-Louis Dumortier • Sylvie Farré • Sonya Florey • Marie-José Fourtanier • Aldo Gennaï • Marcel Goulet • Violaine Houdart-Mérot • Nathalie Lacelle • Gérard Langlade • Véronique Larrivé • Dominique Ledur • François Le Goff • Monique Lebrun • Stéphanie Lemarchand • Brigitte Louichon • Luc Maisonneuve • Catherine Mariette • Jean-François Massol • Catherine Mazauric • Sébastien Ouellet • AMarie Petitjean • Annie Rouxel • Max Roy • Marion Sauvaire • Anne Schneider • Amor Séoud • Pierre Sève • Bénédicte Shawky-Milcent • Noëlle Sorin • Christian Vandendorpe • Jean Verrier • David Vrydaghs • Cendrine Waszak

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