love books. Passionately!

are demanding with ourselves, as well as with the texts we publish.

are doctoral students, researchers, teachers and writers.

are plural, disseminating our finds and favorites.

are publishers, in the soul and in our flesh.





Using an epub player


For a good reading experience: due to the plurality of existing digital book readers, and their partial support of publisher formatting, we recommend the following software:



● PC and MAC computers: Adobe Digital Edition (free download link)

Tip: on small screens, such as laptops, the use of the software is possible in full screen. On larger screens (beyond 15"), it will be preferable to resize the window of the software until letting appear the cover of the book in its entirety. The comfort of reading will be only better.

● Apple Ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, Mac): the Books application (free software provided by Apple)

Tip: As with Adobe Digital Edition, on the computer, resize the software window to improve reading comfort.


● Android Ecosystem: Adobe Digital Edition (free download link)


Access the file in PDF format.