love books. Passionately!

are demanding with ourselves, as well as with the texts we publish.

are doctoral students, researchers, teachers and writers.

are plural, disseminating our finds and favorites.

are publishers, in the soul and in our flesh.






he aim of Les Presses de l'Écureuil is to democratize scientific, semantic and academic publishing by publishing works at an affordable price, without sacrificing the quality and rigor necessary for any publishing enterprise.

Our publications combine print publishing in print on demand and digital publishing.

All our books are printed in France and Canada, distributed by Hachette Livres, and are available to order or in stock from all French-speaking booksellers in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, not to mention our dear Canadian friends. Also available on online stores.


It is also possible to order from our online bookstore. Most of the works presented are in stock and are carefully stored in our creative nest in a dry place. Ordering here is also a mark of support and confidence in our work. Our shipments are made within 24-48 hours, carefully prepared and protected in bubble envelopes. We make it a point of honor to do our utmost to ensure that each order arrives on time.


We deliver worldwide!


We also collaborate with many partners, publishing houses, university journals, such as the magazine Corela, the Cahiers Sens Public, the magazine Amplitudes published by Châtelet-Voltaire. Our little hands work behind the scenes with passion, producing paper or digital books, web consulting, distribution via our partner Hachette Livres, semantic publishing.