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Contributors, authors,

find our technical data sheets and work methodologies



If the "Stylo" tool is not used, we accept texts in .doc or .docx format, current text font in Times, size 12 and double line spacing.


● For theoretical articles (or prose text): the desired length is 2500 to 7000 words;

● In the case of versified forms: to be questioned to the editors;

● We remind you that it is necessary to clearly indicate the hierarchy of the parts (sub-parts and sub-sub-parts);

● Indicate the desired bibliographic standard (Chicago, AFNOR, etc.);

● If possible send the Bibtex/Zotero file. If not, send the cleanest and most complete bibliographies possible;

● Titles of works should be in italics;

● The non-French-speaking locutions must be in italics;

● As far as possible, no boldface;

● Long quotations (more than about 3 lines) should be indicated by an indentation from the body of the text;

● Shorter quotations should be in quotation marks (French, if possible);

● Add the full name of the and, if possible, his ORCID/VIAF/ISNI, etc.;

● Add the biography of the contributor : always in the 3rd person, for about 200-250 words. 

If relevant: his/her academic affiliation, university and/or laboratory;

● Concerning the abstract: about 200 words. Unless the author provides it, the editors will take care of the translation;

● Keywords: 5 words; when possible, use verified keywords. At least one of these keywords must be on the subject of the article (e.g.: didactics/literature...).


If you are not a Stylo user, we advise you to discover the basics here



If you use the "Stylo" tool, as a reminder :


● Once your contribution is finished, don't forget to share it with Les Presses de l'Écureuil;

● Import your bibliography; 

● Include the necessary metadata.


Access the file in PDF format.





Annotation via


Commenting under in order to fluidify the exchanges between contributors and editors, we use the online annotation tool


● First, we will share a preview of the text with the contributor. At this stage, it is not a text formatted on the forthcoming edition, but the text alone.

This preview includes, if necessary, annotations from the editors commenting on certain errors or queries. These are most often unaccented capital letters, or equivalent. Nothing very serious, but it is important to indicate them before correction, even if they do not all call for comments from the contributors.

Once the link to has been opened on Stylo, to access, the contributor will notice that, on the right-hand side of the web browser, there is a menu that allows you to view and respond to these annotations (comments, correction control, etc.).


● Creation of an account on (Sign up). is an internationally recognized annotation platform that does not depend on any large private company, such as GAFA. All the contributor has to do is fill in a username, a password and a valid email address to create an account. will immediately send a validation email, written in English. You just have to validate this link. Once done, the web page opened by this link can be closed. Please do not open the different links that will appear there.

It is then necessary to follow the link that will be sent to the contributor. This link will allow you to join the annotation group of Les Presses de l'Écureuil for the contributors. Again, do not click on the various links on this page, which are intended for our team. Simply close the web page. The contributor will then be able to go back to his or her contribution on Stylo.


● On the contributor's text page, in the annotation menu (top right), select the "Les Presses de l'Écureuil" group and start working. To annotate, the contributor must select the part of the text to comment on; an annotation icon will appear. It is preferable to select the entire word, if any, and not just a letter or a typographic sign.


● If the contributor wishes to react to one of the editor's comments, simply reply to it in the annotation menu.


● Once the verification is done, the contributor simply notifies the editors by return e-mail so that the final corrections can be integrated and the proof is sent to the contributor.


● In the event of a problem with the connection procedure, a video is available on the website.


Access the file in PDF format.